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Unique Motor Oil
UNIQUE Tractor 2001540

Available packagings

1 x 60 L drum

1 x 20 L pail

1 x 20 L pail

1 x 60 L drum

1 x 210 L drum

1 x 210 L drum

1000 L

1000 L

UNIQUE Tractor 2001540

UNIQUE T40 - 15W40 - Mineral

UNIQUE T40 is top-end multi-purpose oil for agricultural equipment and heavy construction vehicles. It is suitable for lubricating the following:

  • Diesel or petrol engines
  • Mechanical or hydraulic transmissions
  • Transmission/clutch’ systems contained within the same housing, including those that contain oil-immersed disc brake systems


Product features:

  • Multi-purpose: a single fluid for the equipment that needs lubrication
  • simple storage
  • Top-end oil: high lubrication performance.



engines and transmissions



ACEA E3, API CG-4 / CF-4 / CF / SF, MB228.1


Transmission specifications:

API GL 4+, John Deere J27, FORD M2C 159B/C, Massey-Ferguson CMS 1144, 1135, ZF TE ML 06A, B.C 07B, Allison C-4



1 x 20 L pail, 1 x 60 L drum, 1 x 210 L drum, 1000 L